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OPA's Purpose
OPA is developing a flexible, easy-to-use GUI application framework that provides services common to most GUI applications such as those listed below. OPAs ultimate goal is to build an instant print management system ontop of this framework.

OPA Framework Architecture
The OPA platform is based on a modular structure where developers provide packages that are loaded into the kernel. The modules are supplied as Java ARchive files. The kernel provides basic services common to most GUI application domains such as: Most application developers do not need to access the Kernel directly via source code manipulation, rather the modules provide information to the kernel as to what services are required (eg. GUI construction). This `black box` approach simplifies development time and reduces the learning curve inherent with application framework use.
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OPA Project Gantt Chart
The latest project Gantt chart is available here.

OPA Project Team
OPA relies on the efforts of the Open Source Community. In particular some people have made substantial contributions to the project. You can find out more about this small team here.

OPA Project Links
Below are the development resources used by the OPA team.

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OPA Downloads
All downloads are located on the OPA Sourceforge page, including: Or you can browse the OPA Project CVS tree here, or the OPA Project (incomplete) JavaDocs here.

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OPA Support
For support contact the development team on the OPA mailing lists:

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OPA Framework ScreenShots
Screenshots are not yet available. Stay tuned and subscribe to the OPA mailing lists for the latest OPA updates.

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